Dear KTR Customers,

We are excited to announce that we have created the first "dynamic" Portal that provides all KTR brands to one portal.  What makes our portal different: the pricing and information is based on your account status with each brand and is in a multi-tenant platform.  That means that if "one person" notices something isn't right, then the suggestion will be reviewed / fixed for all.  This way we can get things right with "pricing" and images and eventually data faster and more accurately. 

Furthermore, the pricing files you get are based on "your account" pricing or status with a brand.  Let's say you are a WAC dealer and you are an insider customer.  Your pricing file will reflect the additional pricing discounts on the product automatically.  

You aren't sifting through emails searching for this are able to go to the site and see what is current or what is the future pricing....

Imagine only having to go to "one place" for all this information.  You don't have to go to dropbox / ftp / portals etc or wait for emails to can go to the portal and grab the information quickly. 

As stated, we are in beta right now, and we see things improving over the next couple of weeks.  One major thing that you will notice is that if something isn't right, the portal will be updated "next day" due to the frequency we are syncing at this time.  I see us becoming more dynamic in the future and this will depend on usage....

Currently, You can choose current | future | past pricing from the drop downs.  Furthermore, all "assets" we have from the vendors can be downloaded to a zip file now as well.  Currently we have: Main Image | Alt Image | Lifestyle Images | Spec Sheets which you can choose and zip.  As stated above we have ALA files in the roadmap and will announce when this is ready. 

With all the craziness with current / future pricing...we felt it necessary for you to go to "one place" to get this info. 

During beta, beta portal users will realize that this is a process...this is not going to be 100% done, but with your feedback, our developers will focus on "what you want to see" and what needs to be fixed.  We are looking for feedback so we can get this up and running as quickly as possible.

Current issues we know we have:

  • Takes a full day from the time you report an error to you seeing it fixed

  • We have not connected all the dots between account / price levels (work in progress)

  • We don't have ALA files yet (email for the latest ala files if you need.

  • We don't have "effective dates" of pricing files organized in date order from future to you have to look at the latest dates or future date to download.

  • We don't have an option to "zip all" assets as of have to go in and reselect main | lifestyle etc.  


If you are interested in helping us during this beta phase and advise if our portal concept will add value (imagine getting all from one place instead of endless places like dropbox, ftp, portal, email, etc etc) then simply reply to this email that you are interested to request your username and password.  You can get to the portal at and then click on portal.

Also, any feedback please fill out this form.


Thank you,


Jon McMahan

Owner | CIO 

KTR Associates, LLC

908-339-1072 Mobile