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Hunter Ceiling Fans

December 20, 2021 Dear Valued Customers,

We are pleased to announce that Griffon Corporation has acquired Hunter Fan Co. and wanted to send a brief note on what this means to our current partnership. Griffon is a diversified industrial company focused on growing strong brands around its Consumer and Professional Products and Home and Building Products segments. From an operating standpoint, there will be no change to the way we currently do business with you today. • Hunter Fan Co. will continue to operate as it does today - a complete stand-alone company within the Griffon “Consumer and Professional Product” segment. The same leadership team that is currently managing the business today will remain in place. • There will be no change to the Hunter Team members that you currently work with. • All agreements and terms we conduct business under today will remain in place. As we look to the future, I am excited about the benefits the Griffon team and family of companies brings to our mutual businesses. The new structure will allow us to continue our strong track record of growth and innovation leadership in the ceiling fan category with the added benefit of operating under a larger umbrella of very strong brands.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Hunter and our entire team. We look forward to continuing our mutual success in 2022.

Tom Blackwell Tom Blackwell SVP of Sales Hunter Fan Company

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