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Greg Knudsen

Manufacturer's Representative

I could not be more excited to join KTR Associates, LLC and work with such a dynamic team. Their approach to the lighting community and their manufacturers reflects the expertise and integrity that I have always tried to uphold throughout my career.

This merging of our two worlds to best serve our partners will continue our direction of excellence and continue to set us apart. Although business and professionalism is first and foremost, we look at each of our partners as friends and family and treat them as such. We want a smile to come to the faces of all the salespeople, management, ownership and warehouse support we work with each day when they see it is someone from KTR walking through their doors or giving them a call. Everyday we go out to sell lighting and brighten customers lives with the best manufacturers the industry has to offer. Our goal is to also bring light to all of the people that support that process and decide to sell one of our amazing manufacturers over another.

After almost 30 years working in this industry, KTR has lit yet another spark of inspiration within me and I will work harder (and smarter) than ever to live up to the reputation they have built. I appreciate being part of this team and look forward to a wonderful 2021 with everyone.

(908) 310-5074

Greg Knudsen
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