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Lighting Design Service



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KTR Associates, LLC now offers a full-scale unparalleled lighting design service. We will take your plans and come up with a design that is focused on delivering a design exactly to the specifications requested by the project owner | project influencers.


We cater to the interior designer by listening to his / her vision, we cater to the electrician by helping them understand our product and our product's efficacy...on a physical stand point...we help mark the floors and pay close attention to obstacles in the ceiling such as beams, HVAC, plumbing etc...and we focus on the needs of the project owner (i.e. budgets, deadlines, warranty).


We have seen, too many times, the insane costs when it comes to revisions, re-planning, redoing plans, running new wires, etc, because lighting is typically handled too far down stream. 90% of our projects are "problem solving" projects and we do an amazing job at this. When you work upstream with the project planners (architects | designers) in CAD, you rule out a lot of these issues and add value to the entire process from A-Z. KTR can jump into a project at any time and solve issues.


We offer a free consultation and will demonstrate our value-add proposition without question.


We are not like any spec rep you have worked with in the past, we are not focused on a particular product, but rather focused on the right lighting design. As manufacturer representatives, we feel that "adding in overage" to a project is not how we want to go to market, we want to offer all partners the best pricing and take that off the table...we work on a charge by square foot model and this is determined based on the project size, the project type and the assets provided (i.e. quality of the CADs | stage of the project etc). No two jobs are the same, so we evaluate each project and assess the right price per square foot based on the criteria listed above.


Please call Jon McMahan at 9083391072 for more information or email me at We have many references we will share with you such as: project owners | interior designers | general contractors | architects and electricians. Please contact us on your next project...we make whoever recommends us look good! 


Jon McMahan

Owner - KTR Associates, LLC


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