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Dave Bock

Manufacturer Representative | K&B | Key Accounts

Dave Bock is the proudest father's you will meet...he has two beauties under his watch and is a devoted husband. At work Dave is possibly one of the most efficient people you will meet. Dave is sharp as a tack, doesn't miss a beat and never fails at any industry tests. Dave has filled the shoes of a industry legend at many of his accounts in NY and Long Island and is doing a great job. In many ways, like Jim Krupp who has an Olympic athlete, highly driven and highly competitive, Dave encompasses those same qualities. Competitive sports are something that is in ones DNA. It is one thing to play or try to play baseball or football or any competitive sport, but it is another thing to be good at it as well. Dave plays on soft ball leagues and loves to show off his scabs on his legs from sliding into home plate. Furthermore, Dave's other passions are boundless and he is the best fantasy football partner anyone could ask for. He not only understands the mechanics of the sport, but he understands the statistics and the strategy and always seems to be in the top 3 of fantasy football year after year...scary good. Taking that quality from his passion at sports, he has done the exact same thing in our business. In his early years, he watched everyone and didn't say much and just observed and humbly nodded or took a "mental" note. (he has a memory of an elephant)...he is now applying all those years and is doing things better than ever before. He is highly efficient, highly skilled and highly motivated to "win". These are the qualities of a heavy hitter in the lighting business. Dave has an insanely bright future ahead.

(201) 892-5946

Dave Bock
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