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Jim Krupp


Jim Krupp has been a New York Metropolitan Representative since 1964 and has built one of the most formidable rep agencies in the United States. Jim's philosophy in building an agency has been to focus on a balanced line card and to have the team to support the lines that we represent. If we are to service our customers, and to do justice on a job site, then we need to have the breadth of a package to be important to the job as well as to our customers:

"There is no project too large or too small that KTR can't handle. Our goal is to have all categories of lighting, from the parking lot, to the ball room chandelier to recessed lighting and task to provide a one stop shopping experience for our customers to feel confident when sending us to a project, we can fulfill all lighting needs."

Jim's humility, hard work and ethics has kept him on top of his career since the beginning...and this foundation that he has built resonates in each and every member of KTR.

Jim Krupp
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