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Jon McMahan

Manufacturer Representative
CTO | Partner | Owner

Jon has been in the lighting industry since 1997. He started his career at Capitol Lighting in Watchung, NJ and joined KTR as a rep in 2000. Jon has an ingrained desire to always find new ways to improve the selling process and streamline the customer and manufacturer experience has been his main focus since the very beginning of his career. It is one thing to "use" technology, but the key is knowing what makes things tick and how to "integrate" all the noise that exists in today's information and technology age and how to get all of the tools to work together in a harmonious way to makes things better for our customers, our vendors and the members of KTR alike. Jon's main focus is to KTR and our members and making sure that if we are efficient and have all the tools we need, this will trickle down to meeting and exceeding all daily demands:

When not working and while working:
Jon's passions are his devotion to God, his family, his church family, cycling, rock and ice climbing and constantly looking for process improvements in his business.

Jon McMahan
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