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Ruben Vargas

Manufacturer Representative
Electrical Distribution | Controls | Key Accounts

Ruben Vargas is dedicated to his faith, his family and his work. He is an "all in" personality into everything he does. Ruben is organized both in and out of work and prides himself in all that he does. Ruben is a man after God's own heart and you can see that in everything he does. Ruben has amazing focus and overall perspective on things. Don't let his empathy and humility fool you though, Ruben is a piranha underneath it all...LOL :) Ruben is an incredible, roll up your sleeves and jump in, guy. He gets shoulder to shoulder with his customers and there really isn't anything Ruben can't do.

He has a profound desire to not only understand the product inside and out, but he desires to understand people and what makes you tick and wants to not only provide you with lighting needs, but wants to bond with people on a different level and is geniune to his core. Can't say enough about this man, except for the fact that being around him makes us all better people.

Ruben Vargas
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