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Terence Timlin

Manufacturer's Representative | Founder | CFO

Terence has been in the lighting business since he was 15 years old. His knowledge, his balanced approach, his skill sets have enabled us to grow exponentially as an agency. Terence has honed these skills and has helped with our agency's health care program, our payroll structure, our accounts receivables and our overall foundation of our partnership agreements and corporate structure.

Terence leads our team in the electrical distributor and premium lighting showrooms in the New York Market. He also handles large project work for our agency and is the go to guy for many of his customers in New York.

He is a passionate person, a family man, a devoted husband and father.

Terence lives for God, Family, Work and the Islanders. In the summer months he morphs into an avid Yankee's fan. His passion for life and God is contagious. He loves to travel, he loves to share stories and he is the king of clam bakes.

Terence Timlin
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